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You have been redirected from jerryhizonmd.com to motionmedicalgroup.com. Dr. Hizon has rebranded and is now practicing under the name Motion Medical Group.

Housing in Inland Southern California

Our greatest concern about moving back to California was affordable housing. I left California to attend the University of Arizona in the fall of 2001 and came back in the summer of 2016. A lot happened in California over 15 years including: a housing boom, a crash, and a decent recovery. Even though the housing […]

Finding out I want to LIVE in the Inland Empire

This is Temecula? Its Beautiful. -Carrie Horner In the last year of my family medicine residency, I was looking forward to graduation and the prospect of my first job as a doctor out of training. All those years of school and training took so long yet, that last year seemed to go by very quickly. […]