Hollywood Alzheimer’s

5 Stars with Alzheimer’s

Though millions are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s every year, these stars announced their affliction with the disease. This goes to show Alzheimer’s can effect anyone at any time in their later years.

Ronald Reagan: This former president announced his diagnosis six years after finishing his presidency. He passed away in 2004 at the age of 93.

Rita Hayworth: Rita was best known for her long career as an actress in the 1940s period of time. She also can be seen in the movie The Shawkshank Redemption in one of her films.

Peter Falk: Best known for his role on Columbo playing a detective who would solve cases around the world. He also had a small role in The Princess Bride as the narrator and introductory character.

Casey Kasem: Mr. Kasem was known as the voice actor who played the beloved Shaggy on Scooby Doo and The Mystery Gang.

Malcolm Young: Young is the lead guitarist and founder for the rock band, AC/DC. He is still playing guitar to this day!


From Melody to Memory

How Music Can be the Key

There always is a connection often found within generations. A soft piece that flows through each soul that makes everyone connect one way or another to each other. Music connects everyone willing to listen to it’s harmonious beat. Luckily for Alzheimer’s patients, music has been proven to stimulate the mind.

By listening to your favorites songs, you are more likely to remember names and faces of those around you. Music has a repetitive nature that often follow the same pattern. While we may not notice the pattern of our favorite Frank Sinatra song, the melody stays within the mind and it easier for patient to recall.

Music also has certain association that come with every song. A patient’s wedding song may allow them to remember a spouse, or perhaps the song that was playing while they sent their child to school for the first time. Music can be easily paired with another memory, so when a specific song plays, the memory comes to light.

Here are some songs that the age groups might recognize!


The Ginko Biloba; Weirdly Memorable

The Garden Brand of Memories

This plant, commonly known as the maidenhair plant, resides in the tropical landscaped of China. Though it does sound exotic, the Ginko Supplement can be found in the aisle of a local grocery store. Many patients with Alzheimer’s often find that taking this plant can be helpful in slowing the process of dementia.

Why should you be taking supplements from a weird Chinese plant? Well, studies have shown that the plant increases circulation to brain and improves cognitive function in anyone; not just Alzheimer’s patients. Because of its ability to increase mental function, there are many college-level students taking the supplement to improve their ability to function mentally. Who knew a 270 million-year-old plant could be so beneficial in the modern ages?

The World of Alzheimer’s

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