We Try Keto!

Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

While we do recommend a diet to patients, we cannot recommend what we don’t try for ourselves. We previously made a ketogenic recipe and would like to give you some tips!

Who could possible give up the creamy, cheesy nature of mac and cheese? We certainly couldn’t! We found this recipe on Pinterest-a great source for Ketogenic recipes-and decided to try it.

Though it did not taste the exact same, this recipe was worth making! After buying everything from Sprouts, a healthy grocery store, we stuffed our food into a dish and stuck it in the oven. Though it may cost a few calories, more cheese would enhance the flavor of this dish.

Overall, this recipe was easy and very good for not having a signature pasta. It would be very delicious for children whom are eating Keto and it made great leftovers for the following day. Enjoy!